Noumea Yacht Services is affiliated with many diving companies situated around the territory. All you need is the desire to glide through some of the most beautiful waters in the South Pacific and we will set up the rest for you!

What can I expect to see?
Many rare species can often be seen throughout the lagoons of New Caledonia, whose waters range between 21° to 28° C.
The spread of different coral heads will give way to caverns and underwater architectural arches swimming with any of the following:
many species of sharks, Giant tunas, Barracudas, Treval, Skates, Napoleon fishes, Sea urchin, Parrot fis, Manta Ray, Nautilus, Langoustines and crawfish of all size, « the Popinée » or « Morton Bay Bug  », Giant turtles and Cuttlefish.

Decompression Chamber
For those who are concerned about diving accidents, you will be pleased to know that New Caledonian diving excursions are not without all of the proper precautions in place.
There is a decompression chamber located in the area of Nouville-Plaisance, which is co-managed by the association « SECURITÉ PLONGÉE » and can be reached at the following number 26 45 26.