There is no compulsory vaccination and no endemic diseases in New Caledonia.
Noumea has modern medical facilities if required.

  • Within Noumea, there are one major hospital and one private clinic to keep you in good health should a problem arise.
    Many of the towns around the island have community clinics that are equipped for emergencies and provide treatment for many ailments. In general, New Caledonia is very well equipped for emergency situations with its’ French Military bases, army, navy & its’ Gendarmerie Helicopter Rescue services.
  • On arrival all fresh (vegetable, fruits,..) will be confiscated by the quarantine so please make sure you consume everything during the passage. Thought if you can consume everything try to cook them. This is also applicable for eggs!

    For meat, it has to be seal, vacuumed pack and label with the date of packing, the type of meat, the origin of the meat and the date of expiry. As for the dry seeds if they are well stored and on close containers or non open packet they can be kept.
    Shrimps are also not allowed but don’t be concerned because New Caledonia is well known for the quality of her shrimps.

  • Importing or landing live animals, meat or skins is absolutely PROHIBITED in New Caledonia but the transit on board of dogs, cats or other pets can be allowed after proper declaration well in advance with the S.I.V.A.P and D.A.F.E. in Noumea.

    To fight against the introduction of fruit flies and other bugs that could destroy local crops and endanger our agriculture, yachts are kindly requested to throw all fresh fruits over board before arriving in New Caledonia. Please also declare all plants on board on arrival so that appropriate treatment can be applied by sanitary authorities.