• French Pacific Franc (XPF) – 1 Euro = 119, 33174 XPF
    • Travellers’ checks in XPF do not exist.
    • Visitors to New Caledonia are advised to take some local currency, NZ/Australian/US Dollar travellers checks or international credit cards.
    • Capital : Noumea
    • Ocean Coverage : 1,740,000 km2
    • Land Surface Area : 18,575 km2
    • Geographical Coordinates : 21°30 South, 165°30 East
    • Water : Potable, Good drinking water
    • Voltage : 220 volt, 50 Hz (European outlets)
    • Please note that Noumea Yacht Services can supply you with the appropriate plugs on your arrival.
    • Airport : Noumea La Tontouta International Airport (about 1 hour from Noumea)
    • Maximum Speed : 110 km/h on the main highways & 50km/h on the smaller roads.
    • Please note that cars roll on the right hand side of the road and that you must wear your seatbelt at all times in both the front & the back seats.
  • What is Coutume ? (a local custom)

    It’s the French word for a customary gesture. When exploring parts of the island that seem off-the-beaten-path of most tourists, it is always a good idea to ask permission from the tribe’s chief first.
    If you are not sure where to go, find the nearest school or church and you will be able to find someone to help you.
    A small token of thanks is usually offered, in exchange for access to your desired location. Anything from 500 CFP or a souvenir from your country can be used as it is the gesture is more important than the present given.
    Noumea Yacht Services has coutume package available for our clients.

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