SY Twizzle a 58 metre flybridge ketch recently had the pleasure of working with The Noumea Yachts Services team Hervé and Audrey. It was very busy time for us as we had just completed a rough trip from Indonesia and had to get the yacht ready for the owner in 3 days. All tasks completed with their excellent help we had a great cruise in the area and returned for some important maintenance on the boat crane. The job was quite involved and required much logistical planning with the manufactures in New Zeeland.

Hervé helped us find everything we needed from mobile cranes to specialist workshop facilities in quick order and with a smile at all times.

I found him to be most professional and knowledgeable throughout our stay. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to any visiting yacht looking for first class personal service in Noumea.

Jon Spiller, Captain, SV Twizzle
This letter is to thank Noumea Yacht Services for its fantastic service during my recent stay in Noumea.  At all times, my guests and I were afforded the utmost level of service and care.

I would particularly like to commend Hervé and Audrey for their high level of professionalism and efficiency – there was not anything that was ever too much trouble – from visas, customs, mechanical issues, hire cars, transfers, the list goes on… Everything was handled with the highest level of service.

Having been the owner/operator of a 3 star restaurant for over 20 years I am well versed in first class customer care.  The service provided by Noumea Yacht Services is world class and I highly recommend them.

Also, my sincere thanks again to Hervé and Audrey.

Matthew HillSmith, Captain, MV Annabelle
I had pleasure of having Texas in Noumea for a 3-week stop over from Port Moresby to Sydney. I used Noumea Yacht Services as our shipping agent and was very impressed with their quality of service and professionalism. What I liked the most was that Jean-Marie Demaret was at the vessel at least twice a day enquiring wether we needed anything, or only a phone call away.

The staff at Noumea Yacht Services was most helpful to myself and crew aboard and made our stay a memorable one. I would definitely recommend them to any yacht Captain/Owner who want’s a quality service.

Stephen P Hinge, Captain, MV Texas
Je soussigné, Jean-Claude Martinez, Capitaine du MY « Unforgettable », certifie que Monsieur Jean-Marie Demaret, de la société Noumea Yacht Services agissant en qualité d’agent maritime a été remarquable dans toutes les prestations de services.

Il a en outre, des qualités de négociateurs indéniables qu’il a mis au service des propriétaires dudit yacht pour solutionner avec brio un problème juridique qui immobilisait le navire à quai à Nouméa.

Je tiens à signaler personnellement la grande disponibilité, le sérieux et la qualité de services du staff Noumea Yacht Services.

Je recommande la société Noumea Yacht Services à tous les Capitaines de Yacht qui souhaitent un service de grande qualité.

Claude Martinez, Capitaine, MV Unforgettable
I am writing this letter in reference of my more than pleasant experience with Noumea Yacht Services. Upon arrival in New Caledonia, I solicited the services of Noumea Yacht Services’ Jean-Marie to assist with acquiring fuel, and handling administrative duties.

Jean-Marie was of great help, and was able to accomplish things that, for me, language barriers and lack of local information would have rendered impossible or very difficult. That he managed these things well makes him good at what does, that he performed it with a definitively positive attitude, remaining attentive to our needs, and with great reliability causes me to write this letter.

I highly recommend NYS and will use Jean-Marie next time I travel to New Caledonia.

Roy Simpson, Captain, MV Sentimental Journey