Noumea Radio maintains a 24-hour listening watch on VHF channel 16, as well as the usual HF frequencies: 2182 kHz, 4125 kHz, and 6215 kHz.



    In addition to voice weather broadcasts and weatherfax, there is at least one HF net, which takes place at 8:00am (21:00 GMT) on 8161 kHz.

  • The pay phones in Noumea all work on prepaid cards only. Phone cards may be purchased at Noumea Yacht Services, vending machines or at news stands.

  • If you belong to one of the companies which have a roaming service included in your mobile package, you should be able to use your regular number on the island.

    For those who do not have this service or belong to another mobile company, Noumea Yacht Services can either provide you with a temporary mobile phone, SIM cards or with prepaid telephone cards that are accepted in all public booths.

    Please also note that New Caledonia has CDMA and GPRS services available for your stay in New Caledonia.

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